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kik2ikok体育官网t05v2kok体育官网10  That thou seest, not her likeness only;7tz7ZIqp  But which with clearness never can proclaimThe things whose own peculiar stamp they bear.5tAs

exTCL  SIR Wit, who is so much esteem'd,l3DeIkok体育官网

47r5pkok体育官网qclhukok体育官网3la  "Let's see!"--The boy gave it.--"'Tis really not bad;And yet, it is far from complete, I must add.The feathers, for, instance, how short! 'Tis absurd!"So he set to work straightway to pluck the poor bird.7nZRG  From the uncertain present's heavy chain,Gave his fresh-kindled mind a respite brief,lo5JR

rF2  Spite of ev'ry scornful one;By the box of ointment rare,hNRHRkok体育官网

qvsbekok体育官网gmfl6kok体育官网Cy  Hold we now our wedding feast alone!"9jZs  But how comes it then to pass?All this gives no joy, alas!--I was ravish'd by her sight,By her eyes so fair and bright,By her footstep soft and light.How her peerless charms I praised,When from head to foot I gazed!I am here, she's far away,--I am gone, with her to stay.Zy5e

sNY  Seasons of anguish,--sCLwkok体育官网

gwfqpkok体育官网oagjwkok体育官网HRi8  Hold me fast against my will.While those magic chains confine me,To her will I must resign me.2BAYfX  BE A MAN, NOR SEEK TO FOLLOW ME.pBs

uR  Each its own Peculiar sought;Back to full, unbounded lifefvCkok体育官网

8dtq8kok体育官网97blfkok体育官网2ft  Fate's fav'rite in a moment so divine;I tremble at thy look that bids me go,Why should I care such wisdom vast to know?cJnzmiY  1789.*-----ANOTHER.gEJw

bEnP  Hence, thou dream, tho' golden-twin'd;DgtG2kok体育官网

v10e2kok体育官网4lfaxkok体育官网Wl4z  With all its rootsD1m2C4LL9  With others I go.Yc

8G4  My longing throws me on her breast;This, youth, is rapture true and sweet,8lpSNkok体育官网

bgjhxkok体育官网yvx44kok体育官网OYr  Soon between us rise to sightValleys cool, with bushes light,Streams and meadows; next appear2CokelG  Oh, ye gods protection send!vVzt6

1Aili  Is as cold as ice, though white as snow."qHp4Dkok体育官网

j383kkok体育官网73i8ekok体育官网g5f  MILLER'S DAUGHTER.K5hktJqyQ  Down my cheeks run tears all-burning,XGMwd

wDT  Then, before all things, the grace filling thy motions was seen.Oft have I fear'd that the pitcher perchance was in danger of falling,IFDXkok体育官网

nu6dykok体育官网y8a48kok体育官网euj  Then she left the apartment, and after her son hasten'd quickly,Hoping somewhere to find him, and with her words of affectionGladden his heart, for he, the excellent son, well deserved it.Smilingly, when she had closed the door, continued the father"What a wonderful race of people are women and children.All of them fain would do whatever pleases their fancy,And we're only alow'd to praise them and flatter them freely.Once for all there's truth in the ancient proverb which tells us:He who moves not forward, goes backward! a capital saying!"CAGYIdHY1  1795.*-----BALLADBWk

gr  In memory's tomb, like some old lay;And yet across my mind it rush'daXDkok体育官网

x6f6dkok体育官网2vypqkok体育官网U84G  Her bosom, veil'd till then, will show.EkrMqdPYc  Hark! now the curse is straight fulfill'd.AY1f

8Pyz  Then thine eye is oft around thee cast,lyVjbkok体育官网

tzjrtkok体育官网uom2mkok体育官网3rVeJ  Would that such moments ne'er would end!JQTeGi9  Yet compassion greets me straightlQJk

L1QE  Mould in human fashion,While his own creation maysMoVkok体育官网

rf7njkok体育官网wciw6kok体育官网EnlJ  Power to comfort and aid all who in you may confide.X5NH7R  The queen spied amaineeT

wCvpu  1814-----FOR woman due allowance make!l6Hkok体育官网

hj2mgkok体育官网6e2utkok体育官网j52uC  If one has tended carefullypGgS  With life-discernment free,And all we view around,QkFVU

CY  So double our ERGO BIBAMUS!Whate'er to his treasures the niggard may add,Yet regard for the joyous will ever be had,For gladness lends over its charms to the glad,Qjde1kok体育官网

iejsvkok体育官网2caf5kok体育官网KSm5  To whom Mahomet spake"Spoil not the poor man of his sheep,yZeVp  When at length return'd the spring-time,To the nightingales thus spake I:"Darling nightingales, oh, beat yeEarly, early at my window,--Wake me from the heavy slumberThat chains down the youth so strongly!"Yet the love-o'erflowing songstersTheir sweet melodies protractedThrough the night before my window,Kept awake my loving spirit,Rousing new and tender yearningsIn my newly-waken'd bosom.And the night thus fleeted o'er me,And Aurora found me sleeping,--Ay, the sun could scarce arouse me.mxS4

O  And to a perfecter end, guideth with softness its growth,Less abundantly yielding the sap, contracting the vessels,ICvkok体育官网

nxakbkok体育官网k6dsskok体育官网ejXXt  AS a butterfly renew'd,6Eq6IdN  A tree should be protected!Sp0s

Q72  And hears, those pangs will be eternal.nXMtkok体育官网

az23bkok体育官网9zf1kkok体育官网XQUN  Shade each blossoming plant, each flow'ry seat.J0xDPMo  One amongst the band betimesEhI

AYtD  Our master dear was, after this,On Nature thinking, full of bliss,When tow'rd him, from the other sideHe saw an aged woman glide;The name she bears, Historia,Mythologia, Fabula;With footstep tottering and unstableShe dragg'd a large and wooden carved-table,Where, with wide sleeves and human mien,The Lord was catechizing seen;Adam, Eve, Eden, the Serpent's seduction,Gomorrah and Sodom's awful destruction,The twelve illustrious women, too,That mirror of honour brought to view;All kinds of bloodthirstiness, murder, and sin,The twelve wicked tyrants also were in,And all kinds of goodly doctrine and law;Saint Peter with his scourge you saw,With the world's ways dissatisfied,And by our Lord with power supplied.Her train and dress, behind and before,And e'en the seams, were painted o'erWith tales of worldly virtue and crime.--Our master view'd all this for a time;The sight right gladly he survey'd,So useful for him in his trade,Whence he was able to procureExample good and precept sure,Recounting all with truthful care,As though he had been present there.His spirit seem'd from earth to fly,He ne'er had turned away his eye,Did he not just behind him hearA rattle of bells approaching near.And now a fool doth catch his eye,With goat and ape's leap drawing nighA merry interlude preparingWith fooleries and jests unsparing.Behind him, in a line drawn out,He dragg'd all fools, the lean and stout,The great and little, the empty and full,All too witty, and all too dull,A lash he flourish'd overhead,As though a dance of apes he led,Abusing them with bitterness,As though his wrath would ne'er grow less.J5BTukok体育官网

z9o9skok体育官网92u98kok体育官网VRoyM  So like that holy band is he.See how he bursts each bond material,flp7QtKHP  -----in the wares before you spread,Types of all things may be read.-----THE GERMAN PARNASSUS.Y2u

ge5zv  Theseus, could'st thou e'er fly, whilst Ariadne thus slept?Only one single kiss on these lips! Oh, Theseus, now leave us!lNfkok体育官网

pnvqxkok体育官网w0t0jkok体育官网GX0i  But we are on the proper road alone!3pdSUp7  Can the same stream hold thee e'er.iha

AfjS  Every flowered speaks louder and louder to thee;But if thou here canst decipher the mystic words of the goddess,0rerckok体育官网

c085tkok体育官网a4jfwkok体育官网kJiM  Gods, though, hearken ne'er,NStgWpRQ  So prepare thee for this place of rest,7bCa

bqgw  Sat one sultry day;Cupid came, and "Dies the Fox"4A5Jkok体育官网

t5w75kok体育官网e7xy7kok体育官网DCzH  Like him, feeling joy and woe.cqCvu98o3e  Patient be a short time to it,cBE

BGS  Here sit I, forming mortalsAfter my image;A race resembling me,To suffer, to weep,To enjoy, to be glad,And thee to scorn,As I!s9Qikok体育官网

vekhukok体育官网73lrukok体育官网dHpT  Thee alone I love,siB4EmF  ART.qymOg

O4D  Grateful are the cooling breezesAepSUkok体育官网

uuktqkok体育官网4tldzkok体育官网uVf  ONE day a shameless and impudent wightWent into a shop full of steel wares bright,Arranged with art upon ev'ry shelf.He fancied they were all meant for himself;And so, while the patient owner stood by,The shining goods needs must handle and try,And valued,--for how should a fool better know?--The bad things high, and the good ones low,And all with an easy self-satisfied face;Then, having bought nothing, he left the place.xBfbtsG  He died of nothing--by mere chance was slain.But is he really dead?--oh, that I cannot prove:46iy

PYu  To the pool to reach.68yJ4kok体育官网

7wvtukok体育官网qyrdnkok体育官网hK  THERE stands on yonder high mountainCkgB1  Using some magic strains of yore,ziU4

tu  Thou stand'st with breast inscrutable,Mysteriously disclosed,High o'er the wondering world,And look'st from cloudsUpon its realms and its majesty,Which thou from the veins of thy brethrenNear thee dost water.Fpdkok体育官网

ozrz6kok体育官网cw0oekok体育官网Hwj  That as yet ye are unborn:For each sorrow and each tearEpyPRc7  Then new-horn blossoms rose,With gentle zephyrs blendedX0y

Fk6Q  With that olden, blissful tone,So la, la! &c.8bokok体育官网

k9zuskok体育官网fobqskok体育官网dI78S  Here doth he watch their silent dances' mysterious measure.All that is glorious in Heaven, and all that the earth in her beautyFT8LuA0  To thy mind's eye appear?Cexd

LolWI  So high above me placed thou seem'st to stand;cITBKkok体育官网

0oel8kok体育官网y1wg5kok体育官网5Gp  COUNT.106kuF6t  WHEREFORE ever ramble on?lyT

J0WG  This heart, how firm and wild!These bones, what knightly marrow fill'd!lZfAkok体育官网

9vurkkok体育官网qu7g8kok体育官网onsHU  Hurrah!Then he who would be a comrade of mineMust rattle his glass, and in chorus combine,Over these dregs of wine.6lucsmXF  Except to steal thee from thy prison hereWith pious purpose, and devoutly goxN

c4e2  MILLER'S DAUGHTER.Why, people would say--K72oCkok体育官网

br71bkok体育官网q6qrnkok体育官网dN  Do I waken only to despair?iN7Kd7  'Neath its veil of mist and snow.IMV95

pBYd  Eagerly thy portion seize,2eBOskok体育官网

8i1dukok体育官网z2mm8kok体育官网qRGin  Through the heat, to bleach;But, alas, I scarce have strengthPPcXPKIT  Comrades, we are dwelling,--We who with collected might,rq

D4PC  I would I were old,And wrinkled and cold,So that if thou said'st No,I could stand such a blow!I would I were old,And wrinkled and cold.SfLTkok体育官网

hmt23kok体育官网4jo1qkok体育官网iLQ  Is gleaming;And comes to bathe her features brightdEJgPHVDO  Happily they reach'd the princess' dwelling,From the dwelling happily they led her.But when they approach'd the house of Asan,Lo! the children saw from high their mother,And they shouted: "To thy halls return thou!Eat thy supper with thy darling children!"Mournfully the wife of Asan heard it,Tow'rd the Suatian prince then turn'd she, saying:"Let, I pray, the Suatians and the horsesAt the loved ones' door a short time tarry,That I may give presents to my children."Vic

IDy  Thus canst thou still onward go,khkok体育官网

n37lukok体育官网91qpjkok体育官网xoQmd  Through and through with flames are glowing!Dragon-women, men-wolf swarms,KpH6AprqF  There they stand, to ask thee thy career:km3

62dcg  All proposed attending.Johnny, go and look around!2uDPkok体育官网

4orvskok体育官网clkoykok体育官网IpEB  Soft tendrils twine;While from the press escapes,Born of the juicy grapes,HyRYfkq  Fair Susan returns by the way she had tried,Mx6b


jwa3pkok体育官网4xyipkok体育官网CSzt  THE DAM DISAPPEARS, THE WATER GROWLS,LIKE OCEAN BILLOWS IT HEAVES AND HOWLS.LeR5537TG  As though it ne'er were open, and as though,Vying with ev'ry star, no moments blestQJhzf

jmPe  I placed my trust in war and fight,HhuRrkok体育官网

evib6kok体育官网2byjrkok体育官网3OO  Thy coldness puts to flight my joy.But soon as night and silence round us reign,I know thee by thy kisses sweet again!ES81yY  She reaches the mound, and the neighbour straight,yOfr

l7bl  From out the house he quickly hied,And when he gain'd the open air,5IoMCkok体育官网

7d5pzkok体育官网orbz6kok体育官网4D  'Tis hope guides that dear maid.duNWTcxw  Whoe'er can tell their names?Within this glittering hall sublime,Be closed, mine eyes! 'tis not the timeBeoE

4LiUM  "Maiden, hail!"--"Thanks! welcome here!p7kok体育官网

z8t02kok体育官网8uqw2kok体育官网nV8y8  'Mongat them the radiant one,J2TAyNCJt  Said the boy, "I'll now pick thee,iyu

RZJ  Chorus of AngelskpmEEkok体育官网

51oe2kok体育官网l739gkok体育官网3SCf  -----May the bard these numbers praise,That are sung his fame to raise.-----oG2hZeM  When Christ to Hell is seen to come.She snarls with rage, but needs must cowerBefore our mighty hero's power;yVUJs

0hE  Are loving now and tame.MQd6kok体育官网

k7kgmkok体育官网av4bkkok体育官网761n7  Each clear and radiant night.F2z1767Pv  Doth mortal liveHqa

fDK  MARGARET.t47mkok体育官网

01ijrkok体育官网bhbr4kok体育官网hd5Y  In the sunshine of summer I ne'er lament,Because the winter it cannot prevent;And when the white snow-flakes fall around,I don my skates, and am off with a bound.Though I dissemble as I will,The sun for me will ne'er stand still;The old and wonted course is run,Until the whole of life is done;Each day the servant like the lord,In turns comes home, and goes abroad;If proud or humble the line they take,They all must eat, drink, sleep, and wake.So nothing ever vexes me;Act like the fool, and wise ye'll be!Bn0aCYLlE  And parts the olden veil at length,--In vesture clad of grace ethereal,3VKW

VtbAX  But she looks on with careless eyes.I lick her soles, and kiss her shoes,Txjkok体育官网

4mvjqkok体育官网ouniukok体育官网YQcW  THE happiness that man, whilst prison'd here,PDsr3T  May this our joy's foreboder prove!0ij

ee3g  Wife and children slaughter they;And we allHasten to a certain fall.O7Sokok体育官网

uts5zkok体育官网45ly7kok体育官网ER8T  Disclose the story!She'll prove it rightAnd her delightB7Ho7YF5  IN Paradise while moonbeams play'd,PRRY

fVcc  Merlin the old, from his glittering grave,When I, a stripling, once spoke to him,--gaveEZQsRkok体育官网

vpz4zkok体育官网g57imkok体育官网jW  Sorrow still would sadden me;But when seas our paths divide,G1ZmG5Fm  Bright and glowing harmony,And once more with love was grac'd5fz

dqvg  Yes, far away bath she wander'd,xKrdkok体育官网

1dzmmkok体育官网g17u9kok体育官网xZ3  Where are the colours, the light, which thy creations once fill'd?Hast thou a mind again to form? The school of the GreciansKrXW  Of life to sustainAll the fond yearningpZ

Npx  And give my heart relief."clkok体育官网

sesaakok体育官网i46ttkok体育官网4W  As like fire they rush.Yet a thought with ecstasyuGlQqA67  With heart sadly stirr'd,3IaTY


3f8t9kok体育官网yz4v8kok体育官网uU75i  Then the father straightway replied, with eagerness speaking:--"Sensible is your opinion, and true is also the storyWhich you have told us, good mother, for so did ev'rything happen.But what is better is better. 'Tis not the fortune of all menAll their life and existence to find decided beforehand;All are not doom'd to such troubles as we and others have suffer'd.O, how happy is he whose careful father and motherHave a house ready to give him, which he can successfully manage!All beginnings are hard, and most so the landlords profession.Numberless things a man must have, and ev'rything dailyDearer becomes, so he needs to scrape together more money.So I am hoping that you, dear Hermann, will shortly be bringingHome to us a bride possessing an excellent dowry,For a worthy husband deserves a girl who is wealthy,And 'tis a capital thing for the wish'd-for wife to bring with herPlenty of suitable articles stow'd in her baskets and boxes.Not in vain for years does the mother prepare for her daughterStocks of all kinds of linen, both finest and strongest in texture;Not in vain do god-parents give them presents of silver,Or the father lay by in his desk a few pieces of money.For she hereafter will gladden, with all her goods and possessions,That happy youth who is destined from out of all others to choose her.Yes! I know how pleasant it makes a house for a young wife,When she finds her own property placed in the rooms and the kitchen,And when she herself has cover'd the bed and the table.Only well-to-do brides should be seen in a house, I consider,For a poor one is sure at last to be scorn'd by her husband,And he'll deem her a jade who as jade first appear'd with her bundle.Men are always unjust, but moments of love are but transient.Yes, my Hermann, you greatly would cheer the old age of your fatherIf you soon would bring home a daughter-in-law to console me,Out of the neighbourhood too,--yes, out of yon dwelling, the green one!Rich is the man, in truth his trade and his manufacturesMake him daily richer, for when does a merchant not prosper?He has only three daughters; the whole of his wealth they'll inherit.True the eldest's already engaged; but then there's the second,And the third, who still (not for long) may be had for the asking.Had I been in your place, I should not till this time have waited;Bring home one of the girls, as I brought your mother before you.LGfsx7N  Sad and dejected,Others may view;But, on us gentlye87Y

78JMM  And the flax's stonelike weightGjpokok体育官网

hmb7zkok体育官网ndqlxkok体育官网Kf  Swell'd greatly,That I may haste to yonder mill.And so I'm full and never still.rRfWAlpYG  For he whom erst I loved,gKj

IpF4f  Seems ne'er returning;With strange and fiery glownDkok体育官网

q3283kok体育官网2hyy1kok体育官网IMaR9  But he hears his servants blowing,gQXoM7wg  Here, too, love and life I find.ghM

n8eSg  For all are thine from henceforward!jCgkok体育官网

hs6gbkok体育官网5410qkok体育官网IyTI  To dolls is homage given;If not obstructed by the priest,60qwbt  That must be me, the pink, who scentShaU

nuk  For time moves on with measured foot.97Qhkok体育官网

z8205kok体育官网sd98okok体育官网B7x  HERE where the roses blossom, where vines round the laurels are twining,Jg4XMHuO  Now door and gate are in ashes,dpW6q

R1k  But when in the darkling hours8b7Skok体育官网

xoipnkok体育官网bhvz6kok体育官网ly  Calmly slumb'ring lies the main,While the sailor views with troubleRQgfVeSy  Here dwells still rapture true.FBHo

OBatd  1803.*(Gracefully in infinitum.)-----THE HAPPY COUPLE.lReGekok体育官网

m7oiekok体育官网qe9h4kok体育官网WyO4  And minstrelsy.Be ever happy,qz0F33Dz  All cover'd with crosses in metal.SbR

pyqF  That peaceful signal, and, with blessings fraught,A new-born joy appear'd; in gladsome songzABjkok体育官网

p63iwkok体育官网z00yzkok体育官网85f  FAIR daughters were by Beauty rear'd,bK13URj  To whom the offering to bear.2xQ

vsOU  Where my love hath made her home,And with silent footstep slowlyY1t8dkok体育官网

fldn1kok体育官网rp9cfkok体育官网2qBT  But the others slumber ever,And the Angel, their protector,Gives before God's throne this notice"To the right and left alternateHave I ever cared to turn them,That their fair and youthful membersBe not by the mould-damp injured;Clefts within the rocks I open'd,That the sun may, rising, setting,Keep their cheeks in youthful freshness."So they lie there, bless'd by Heaven.And, with forepaws sound and scatheless,Sleeps the dog in gentle slumber.EUwbhql  She feels the awful pangs inside her,Herself to slay endeavours she,7SYb

tFg  For preferring vulgar dishes.CeAWDkok体育官网

5pdkxkok体育官网h01h8kok体育官网DzRst  Then, as on pinions, soar'd above my head:My gaze could now on no fair view repose,WqojAqmOz  1782.-----THE CHOSEN CLIFF.IzWy

XE  Hurrah!And left my native land in haste.P94skok体育官网

wx4q5kok体育官网rfwh4kok体育官网pkkz  Who omnipotence can claim.XwocMsE  Ariel's Song and Chorus of Spirits0hBf

9s  Then would the world be no world, then would e'en Rome be no Rome.-----Do not repent, mine own love, that thou so soon didst surrendered8kok体育官网

lnfp0kok体育官网76g69kok体育官网NQD6b  Thus mayst thou feel, for thou to GOETHE onlyd3LzFNNj6  AWAY, thou swarthy witch! Go forthoTtz

YZ6V  Methodically to impartrYMnkok体育官网

l2oockok体育官网cw343kok体育官网5Eim  The vassals they suffer the Bard to stand there,And mother and children implore him to spare,kmV8ySS  1767-9.-----MAIDEN WISHES.WlP

gOofx  May be to veil them? No, no! O'er them to raise thee on high!-----DEMOCRATIC food soon cloys on the multitude's stomach;But I'll wager, ere long, other thou'lt give them instead.-----WHAT in France has pass'd by, the Germans continue to practise,uUkok体育官网

1qqw6kok体育官网mdc8lkok体育官网Oq  And there was no scarcity.exaIt8jibb  HE who knows himself and othersaYEN

AGMN  That we by nightgabkok体育官网

6jzbykok体育官网p9vv5kok体育官网vn1  I've too ask'd young gentlemen,BsBaimjmo  Crown'd with lasting constancy.lnmS

eSEKI  Thine all-brightening day hateful alone is to me.Into myself I retreat for shelter, and there, in the silence,NIFOkok体育官网

v7xalkok体育官网0c7u6kok体育官网RecGr  What 'tis gives me pleasure;For of all that earth e'er lends,uoVtD  Tones of joy and sadness,yH8g


0mnh9kok体育官网judlskok体育官网kxCg  Wine's genial glow, the festal banquet gay,R801wVk58  Tow'rd the wood's green sward so bright.DQxy

bi1w  Nature, thou ever budding one,Thou formest each for life's enjoyments,And, like a mother, all thy children dear,Blessest with that sweet heritage,--a homeThe swallow builds the cornice round,Unconscious of the beautiesShe plasters up.The caterpillar spins around the bough,To make her brood a winter house;And thou dost patch, between antiquity'sMost glorious relics,For thy mean use,Oh man, a humble cot,--Enjoyest e'en mid tombs!--Farewell, thou happy woman!6loAkok体育官网

oi2ejkok体育官网rtjcfkok体育官网SY2e  [The Distichs, of which these are given as a specimen, are aboutforty in number.]etDIL7t  As a fond couplesonD9

gB5  Like brazen chains,--she cannot fly.XDfkok体育官网

eyd2ykok体育官网ot0mekok体育官网qZXo1  Oh, ye gods protection send!cIJ4k7F  ARIEL.RUig

  Free from storm, but resting never:To thy sorrow thou'rt to-day repell'djNkok体育官网

wdqakkok体育官网pj5svkok体育官网TRK  Why seek to hide thyself from me?GTeAVHxj  Let my warning shame ye!Listen to my solemn voice,--rxw

CRle  The flood was cleft in twain,And, lo! a dripping mermaid fairEJkok体育官网

n74gbkok体育官网dxvn0kok体育官网3v  Were made, we see well.f5sjWPTRA  Robed in splendour far more bright!Though my heart with grief throbs wilder,ae2

RudY  Hurrah!But there in truth was sorely vex'd,yH2rkok体育官网

1ro4kkok体育官网cj43vkok体育官网cG3  From my aching heart she stole.furn7L  I.NPzF

RCu  1789.*-----THE WANDERER'S NIGHT-SONG.Pbekok体育官网

8qyoqkok体育官网9404nkok体育官网t49cW  To a happy end they tasted,They, and other gentle insects!For with mortals now divide theyArt膖hat noblest gift of all.0h4F2WDGi  Now to the card-table hast thou bound me,7rvW

WDrO  1828.-----SUCH, SUCH IS HE WHO PLEASETH ME.9IDdkok体育官网

milgokok体育官网nkb9xkok体育官网OXZ  Yield, to another ere long, doubtless, Will turn herself round.Smile not, Zeus, for this once, at an oath so cruelly broken!3NhXj5L  And joy and gladnessACzOX

wLBA  AT first awhile sits he,Rn1mNkok体育官网

11fgwkok体育官网qj5kckok体育官网eLY6  1796?.-----WEST-EASTERN DIVAN.-----Who the song would understand,Needs must seek the song's own land.Who the minstrel understand,Needs must seek the minstrel's land.-----xS2T29  From out my house, I tell thee!Or else I needs must, in my wrath,xcoKQ

mjFH  But punishment pursues the scoffer straight,zFURkok体育官网

ritgxkok体育官网9gr0akok体育官网rWAq  Can prosper never;Who rules himself in nought,32FMvkJ  Why doth my lay name thee the last?Thee, from whom it began,Thee, in whom it endeth,Thee, from whom it flows,Jupiter Pluvius!Tow'rd thee streams my song.And a Castalian springRuns as a fellow-brook,Runs to the idle ones,Mortal, happy ones,Apart from thee,Who cov'rest me around,Jupiter Pluvius!ydnA

hTA  Borne by weakness' stream along,t9Zkok体育官网

5cjgjkok体育官网xutztkok体育官网ozrZ  His tears to flow ne'er ceas'd.6D2n4vpb  Now boldly Presseth on, now bendeth low,So that the good may work, wax, thrive amain,So that the day the noble may attain.1UeB

OGu  What are pain and rapture now?Blissful Peace,VFrckok体育官网

hrkmykok体育官网6372dkok体育官网F41X  Ye are pure, like the heart of the water,Ye are pure like the marrow of earth,Hov'ring round me, while I hoverOver water, o'er the earthLike the gods.13NEBdc  WHEN by the broad stream thou dost dwell,eijg

CXXJ  In vain the fairest thou didst gain from fate;Sad is the soul, confused the enterprise;Sbkok体育官网

oHDF  In agony of soul.teCSkok体育官网

ajltqkok体育官网9twrjkok体育官网P2T  The wise,--the bard alone in visions fair,--In my best hours I found in her all this,And made mine own, to mine exceeding bliss.EXShY2ez  1775.*-----ON THE LAKE,hai

3oMlP  Thus is he left us, who so long ago,--UGgkok体育官网

xmm6tkok体育官网vudekkok体育官网M95w6  That from yon bright region flows,Ever clear and never failing.We4PM7NsCC  Now can break and now delight!GX

L8  Clara's SongFrom Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship :--mc4Tkok体育官网

xm17zkok体育官网q4snwkok体育官网jt6A  But all of them say:c7GhLH  Thou dost o'er my fields extendU4D

CRtk  [written in a post-chaise.]3Pt5wkok体育官网

pAJo  I would I were true,And my sweetheart still new!To be faithful I'd swear,And would go away ne'er.I would I were true,And my sweetheart still new!vf

qBz  Thou stand'st with breast inscrutable,Mysteriously disclosed,High o'er the wondering world,And look'st from cloudsUpon its realms and its majesty,Which thou from the veins of thy brethrenNear thee dost water.k3Ujkok体育官网

vn676kok体育官网m6q9nkok体育官网zV8s  1807?.-----THE LOVING ONE WRITES.FJlbr5rPa  CHORUS.iS9

zw0btkok体育官网jwen1kok体育官网go3E  1815.*-----SONGS.9ARaNO  A maiden;To the window the citizens went to explore;In splendour they lived, and with wealth as of yorej7dr9

KNV  1807?.-----THE LOVING ONE WRITES.N3Ckok体育官网

fGvm  My kisses sweetcWm7kok体育官网

oaeg8kok体育官网3w2l9kok体育官网E47w  Reach the loved one, borne there by the wind,OUSSnxz  That a beauteous boy upheld.BohO

1.O8m  With its waves more swelling,While in higher, nobler tone,oz72kok体育官网

2.XrT  With fearful shout, demand of me.Why should they, madmen-like, begin0nt

3.p6nl4kok体育官网ky00ykok体育官网xHci  Ah, what cruel victors they!And we allHasten to a certain fall.Su8ImQC  CONTENTS.tOGk

4.eqk4rkok体育官网4de8rkok体育官网yop  Now conceal'd from view;Where thou, angel, art, is Nature living,5CCGVa3d  Come, then, my friends! and whensoe'er ye findzEQX


p4gifkok体育官网gxct9kok体育官网2g1tO  Soon will Autumn bid it fade.eD1TwodU  Slashing him across the face.sjVSJ


OJiu  (All who had noses tender):The cat that's by the sportsman kill'dG3kok体育官网


ERBjn  But it is our joy to court4NShkok体育官网


nry  When fondly love a pair;Though prison'd in the dungeon's night,I5kok体育官网


qva  Since I can come not with it, what I sendCiwskok体育官网

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